Matti Lampi, a painter from Liminka, cunningly twists tradition to make it his own. He paints barns and country surroundings with stunning precision and a thin line of paint. Lampi also does meticulous arrangements of glass.

The tradition of re-using is growing, but Lampi does things more wisely and can make the traditional into something new. He merges the landscape and the still life so that the tablecloth that is behind the pelargonium changes into the snow cover in a landscape ("Lapsuudenmuisto" [Memory of a childhood]).

However, even in the arrangements there are conflicts to be seen. A picture may be punctuated by a hand grenade, lots of broken glass, or a knife. Violence is present even in the most tranquil of moods.

With his slight exaggeration of style, Lampi brings life and meaning to the simplest of buildings. Small huts become personified as negotiators and Italian buildings are more Italian than it is possible to be, even in Italy.

With his sovereign expressionless technique, Lampi draws many buckets of fresh blood from a well-worn style.

Pessi Rautio, Helsingin Sanomat 2/24/2000

"Upeeta taidetta, sulla on ihana kyky pelkistää tuntoja, ja säästää katsojaa kaoottiselta ruuhkalta kankaalla. Toivottavasti luonto antaa sinulle sylinsä ..."

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